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Manager: Sandee Polsley 402-444-6824

Hours of operation for the public: 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

The Property & Evidence Division is staffed by civilians responsible for the important task of taking in, cataloging and preservation of all property and evidence recovered by Sheriff's deputies. They must follow strict adherence to rules of evidence established by Nebraska State Statute, as well as court mandated guidelines.

Proper maintenance of evidence is of the utmost importance in criminal and civil trials, sometimes making the difference between determinations of guilt or innocence. The Division also operates an Impound Lot that consists of vehicles retained under the direction of the involved Case Officer.

The Division is operated by a Manager and two Support Staff. We welcome the opportunity to expedite the return of or answer any questions that the public may have regarding property and evidence. If we are not able to answer your questions, we will refer you to the proper authority that we believe can assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions


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