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Execution and attachment levy procedures

Goods and chattels first

State statutes 25-1516 and 25-1518 require us to levy upon goods and chattels before levying upon lands and tenements. The law also requires us to make a diligent search for goods and chattels before returning an execution unsatisfied. We can not legally make a return of unsatisfied if unencumbered assets upon which to levy are found.

Leviable property known to the petitioner or plaintiff attorney

Please notify us if you know of leviable property. The search for goods and chattels is facilitated if known and unencumbered assets are indicated to us. It is important for the plaintiff attorney to check for liens and encumbrances on any prospective property before we levy on it.

Partial judgment satisfaction

If you have received monies from a defendant partially satisfying a judgment, notify us immediately so that we can adjust our collection efforts accordingly.

Mutual agreements satisfying a judgment

If the plaintiff and defendant in an action arrive at a mutual agreement, please notify us immediately so that we can discontinue our efforts.

Writs of assistance, writs of restitution, other move-out writs

Procedures: Locksmith secures property

To protect the petitioner's property as well as the personal belongings and property of the defendant, departmental policy allows the occupants of a dwelling or building time to gather their possessions or property and vacate the building.  


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