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Service fees and billing privileges

Billing for services rendered is a privilege
Billing attorneys for service fees is a privilege and not a right. State Statute 33-120 allows us to collect our fees in advance before rendering service. Unlike many other sheriff's offices and other branches of government, our office is one of the few agencies that will serve process without advance payment.

Please pay service fees promptly when billed
We realize that many of our bills are for insignificant amounts, but as a branch of county government we are legally required to promptly forward all fees to the County Treasurer. Our list of slow-paying and delinquent attorneys is unnecessarily long. This abuse of billing privileges forces us to implement additional accounting procedures to account for these funds.

To avoid the embarrassment and the inconvenience of being placed on advance payment only status and having your papers held or returned without service, please pay promptly when billed.

A copy of the State of Nebraska Sheriff's Fee structure is appended to this document.

The following fee structure for process service is in effect:

  • Service fee (per writ) $ 30.00 and $10.00 for each additional person on that writ
  • Return fee (per writ) $ 18.00 + mileage (if served)
  • Return fee (per writ) $  6.00  + mileage if not served)

Questions on fees or billing statements
If you have any questions regarding your monthly fee statement or about our fees, please telephone 599-2602 or 599-2603.



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