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  • Impounded vehicle fees vary; please call to verify amount.
    • Cash only is accepted unless special arrangements have been made.
  • Hours of operation: Property & Evidence Division personnel are on Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Any release of property must be cleared through the proper authority before it can be released
    • (It is advisable to phone first and verify that the Property and Evidence Division has received the authorization for release of property).
  • Release of property is made by appointment only.
    • No releases will be made before 8:00 a.m. or after 3:30 p.m. (Photo I.D. is required to pick up property).

Abandoned Vehicle

How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

In most cases, a vehicle is considered “abandoned” after 48 hours of being legally parked on a public roadway, in the same location.

Though you may not consider it an emergency, abandoned vehicles are reported like any other call for service, by dialing 911.

Callers should be prepared to give
a full description of the vehicle, including:

  • color
  • make
  • model
  • license plate number
  • the exact physical location.

Deputies will “red tag” the vehicle to document its location and will then wait at least 48 hours prior to conducting their follow up investigation.


Where is the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Located?

Our primary office is located on the southeast corner of 156th & W. Maple Road (3601 N. 156th Street, Omaha, NE. 68116).

The Patrol, Criminal Investigation and Administrative Service Bureaus work out of this office.

In addition, our Civil Process, Warrants and Records Divisions work out of an office located at 1616 Leavenworth Street (southeast corner of the Douglas County Correctional Center).

View the maps for more specific directions.

Impound Lot

Where has my car been towed?

The City Of Omaha Vehicle Impound Facility provides for storage for almost all vehicles towed by order of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.
They can be reached at:

7809 F Street
Omaha NE 68127
Phone: (402) 444-5782 or Fax (402) 444-4988.

Difference Between Sheriff and Police

What is the difference between the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Omaha Police Department?

One of the primary differences is patrol responsibilities.

Though deputies have jurisdiction throughout Douglas County, including within the City limits, they primarily patrol and respond to calls for service outside the boundaries of the City of Omaha.

In addition, the Sheriff’s Office also handles other duties both inside and outside the City limits, including:

  • prisoner transportation to court
  • processing permits to purchase handguns
  • out of State vehicle title inspections
  • serving:
    • civil court papers
    • board of mental health orders
    • protection orders
    • arrest warrants



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