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Photo of Reiko E. Penunuri

Reiko E. Penunuri
Felony warrants for
Possession of Stolen Firearm and Burglary

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The Douglas County Sheriff's Office has provided quality crime scene support to the Omaha Metro area since 1980 as a formal unit of the Sheriff's Office.

Initially, this unit was called the Criminalistics Division and consisted of a mixture of sworn and civilian personnel. These personnel performed crime scene investigations, fingerprinting services, criminal bookings and provided breath alcohol breath testing for the department. They were specially trained in latent print processing and did all of their comparisons by hand using the Henry classification system. All crime scene photos were taken with film cameras and were developed by the investigators in an on-site dark room.
Over time, the Criminalistics Division developed into the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Division and was fully civilianized; employing only specially trained civilian personnel.
As the field of Forensic Science evolved and to meet the growing needs of the community, the CSI Division evolved into the Forensic Services Division (FSD) that continues to provide professional forensic services to Douglas County and many other agencies in the Omaha metro area. The FSD is comprised of three separate units; crime scene, latent prints, and chemistry. Each unit is staffed with appropriately educated personnel who report to a Crime Lab Director who is responsible for all of the work produced by the FSD.
In 2011, the FSD relocated into a new facility; growing from 1,500 square feet of lab space to a total space of 10,000 square feet - providing the opportunity for expansion and updating of services. In January of 2019, the Forensic Services Division became its own Bureau (Forensic Services Bureau) within the Sheriff's Department and reports directly to the Sheriff. The FSB proudly provides quality forensic services to its customers by seeking truth and justice through science.
Forensic Services Bureau
15345 West Maple Road
Omaha, NE 68116
    Phone Fax
Forensic Services Division (main line)     (402)444-6855   (402)444-3644
Forensic Services Director R. Justin Aumann   (402)444-7459  
CSI Field Supervisor Manny Garcia (402)444-7524  
Quality Assurance Manager Tiffany Rubush (402)444-6070  
Latent Print Unit Technical Lead Josh Connelly (402)444-4649  
Chemistry Unit Technical Lead Shanon Tysor (402)444-3564  


If you see any of these people, please call Crime Stoppers at: (402) 444-6000.

Callers will remain anonymous and are eligible to receive a cash reward if the information leads to an arrest.



1. Thomas Hostettor

Name:  Reiko E. Penunuri
Date of Birth:  01/13/1979
Charge:  Firearm and Burglary

Physical Description:  Hispanic male, 6'1" 195lbs, brown hair green eyes
Last Known Address:  360 S 108th Ave, Omaha NE 68154

Details: This fugitive, Reiko Penunuri, has DCSO felony warrants for Possession of Stolen Firearm and Burglary.  Penunuri also has misdemeanor warrants through OPD for DV Assault & Battery and Carrying Concealed Weapon.  Additionally, Penunuri has a DCSO locate for a Protection Order.

2. Matthew Young Name: Matthew J. Young
Date of Birth: 03/27/1992
Charge: Escape and Possession of Controlled Substance
Physical Description: White male, 5'9" 120lbs, blond or strawberry hair blue eyes
Last Known Address: 6758 South 27th Street, Omaha NE 68107

Details: This fugitive, Matthew Young AKA Matthew Beers, has two DCSO felony warrants for Escape and Possession of Controlled Substance.  In the past, Young has also been known to not have facial hair. 

Luther Humphrey 

Name: Luther D. Humphrey
Date of Birth: 06/26/1978
Charge: Burglary & Terroristic Threats
Physical Description: Black male, 5'9" 155lbs, black hair brown eyes
Last Known Address: 4104 Cuming Street #1, Omaha NE 68131

Details:  This fugitive, Luther Humphrey, has a DCSO felony warrant for Burglary & Terroristic Threats.  Humphrey's current case is related to a domestic violence incident.
4. Diego Alcudia-Mendez Name: Diego Alcudia-Mendez
Date of Birth: 12/12/1964
Charge: 1st degree Sexual Assault
Physical Description: Hispanic male, 4'11" 155lbs, black hair brown eyes
Last Known Address: 5703 South 14th Street #4, Omaha NE 68107

Details: Alcudia-Mendez has a felony warrant for failure to appear on a charge of 1st degree Sexual Assault of a Minor.
5. Trino Plater Name: Trino Plater
Date of Birth: 8/31/1969
Charge: Assault by Strangulation
Physical Description: Black male, 5'9" 200lbs, black hair brown eyes
Last Known Address: 4540 North 62nd Street, Omaha NE 68104

Details: Plater has a felony warrant for failing to appear on a charge of Assault by Strangulation. Plater has a history of violence.
6. Rogelio Alaniz-Perez Name: Rogelio Alaniz-Perez
Date of Birth: 06/14/1955
Charge: 1st Degree Sexual Assault
Physical Description: White male, 5'4" 165lbs, black hair brown eyes
Last Known Address: 1021 South 31st Street #4 or 2820 South 38th Street, Omaha NE

Details: Alaniz-Perez has a Felony Warrant for the charge of 1st degree Sexual Assault.
7. Chrystal J. Hardee

Name:  Chrystal J. Hardee
Date of Birth:  06/09/1973
Charge:  Possession with Intent to Distribute Methamphetamine
Physical Description:  Indian female, 5'04" 155lbs, brown hair blue eyes
Last Known Address:  1626 Emmet Street, Omaha NE 68110

Details: Hardee has a felony warrant for Manufacturing, Distributing, or Possession with Intent to Distribute Methamphetamine. Hardee also has a misdemeanor warrant through OPD.  Hardee is also known by these other last names:  Montano, Castillo, Chavez-Castillo, Castillo-Chavez, and Chavez.

8. Tracie Sachs Name: Tracie Sachs
Date of Birth: 02/06/1973
Charge: Escape from Detention - Work Release
Physical Description: white female, 5'04" 150lbs, black hair hazel eyes
Last Known Address: 3170 Taylor Street, Omaha NE 68111

Details: Sachs has a felony warrant for the charge of Escape from Detention - Work Release. Sachs may also use or be known by the following names: Tracie Rodriguez, Tracie Ruiz, Tracie Grawe, and/or Trina Rodriguez.
9. Jose Noriega Name: Jose Noriega
Date of Birth: 12/03/1992
Charge: Assault on an Officer
Physical Description: Hispanic Male, 5'8" 135lbs, Black Hair Brown Eyes
Last Known Address: 4814 M Street, Omaha NE 68107

Details: Noriega has a felony warrant for the charge of Assault on an Officer; he also has misdemeanor warrants through DCSO and OPD for offenses related to the operation of a motor vehicle.
10. Assane Sow Name:  Otis Holford
Date of Birth: 11/19/1980
Charge: Possession of Cocaine, w/ Intent to Deliver and/or Manufacture
Physical Description: Black male, 6'02" 220lbs, black hair brown eyes
Last Known Address: 3415 North 16th Street, Omaha NE 68110

Details: This fugitive, Otis Holford, has a DCSO felony warrant for Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Deliver and/or Manufacture.

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Guide to Civil Process

Frequently Asked Questions

The "Guide to Civil Process" prepared by our office is intended to fill an information void and to assist lawyers, law offices and others dealing with civil process. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive or exhaustive document or a treatise on the subject of civil process. Rather, it is designed to address specific and common questions that relate to the role of the Douglas County Sheriff in the civil process function.

Understanding our narrowly defined and specific duties and responsibilities in processing, executing, serving, and returning civil process will assist you in your efforts by helping to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes that often accompany commonly held, yet incorrect assumptions about the role of our office in this function.

The guide contains useful reference information including often-used county telephone numbers, Sheriff's Office telephone numbers, contacts, Sheriff's fees and costs, hours of operation, civil process suggestions, tips, procedures and facts, and answers to the most commonly encountered questions pertaining to civil process.

It is hoped that this guide will become a useful reference and will facilitate your dealings with us. Because this is a first edition, we welcome feedback, suggestions and comments regarding this guide.


Timothy F. Dunning, Sheriff  


Sheriff's sales are held as needed and notice of such will be posted here as well as in other publications as required by statute.

If you have any questions or need information on Sheriff's sales and auctions you can contact the civil proceeds division 8:00 to 4:30 Monday through Friday, at 599-2601.

The sale or auction must be confirmed for validity by authorized personnel and should not be acted upon based only on the website listing.


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