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  1. Shirts- Sports shirts, dress shirts and pull over sport shirts are acceptable. These may be long or short sleeved. Garments such as T-shirts, body shirts, sweat shirts and muscle shirts are not acceptable.
  2. Pants- Dress slacks and dress jeans that are in good taste are acceptable. Blue jeans torn or spotted are not acceptable. Cut off jeans and shorts are not acceptable. Dresses are not acceptable.
  3. Shoes- Most type of footwear is acceptable. Sandals are not acceptable. Shoes must be in good condition and clean. Socks will be worn at all times.
  4. Accessories- Necklaces, earrings and purses are not acceptable for male riders. Earrings worn by females must be small, no dangling or loop type earrings. A small compact can be taken by the females but no purses.
  5. Belts will be worn, if appropriate.
  6. All riders will wear appropriate apparel.

*If you are not dressed appropriately, you will be sent home.


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