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In an effort to offer citizens an opportunity to observe the day-to-day duties of a law enforcement officer, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office offers a Ride Along Program with our Uniform Patrol Division.

Those interested will be required to complete a Ride Along Program Application which is available at the Sheriff's Office Front Desk located at 3601 N. 156th Street. A routine background check will be performed on applicants by a patrol supervisor and may disqualify those with a questionable criminal history. Applicants must be at least sixteen years of age, and those under the age of eighteen will need parental or guardian consent.

Citizens are generally limited to one four-hour ride along per calendar year. Following completion and approval of a Ride Along Program Application, a patrol supervisor will contact you to make arrangements for a date and time to ride.

Dress and Grooming Standards


  1. Shirts- Sports shirts, dress shirts and pull over sport shirts are acceptable. These may be long or short sleeved. Garments such as T-shirts, body shirts, sweat shirts and muscle shirts are not acceptable.
  2. Pants- Dress slacks and dress jeans that are in good taste are acceptable. Blue jeans torn or spotted are not acceptable. Cut off jeans and shorts are not acceptable. Dresses are not acceptable.
  3. Shoes- Most type of footwear is acceptable. Sandals are not acceptable. Shoes must be in good condition and clean. Socks will be worn at all times.
  4. Accessories- Necklaces, earrings and purses are not acceptable for male riders. Earrings worn by females must be small, no dangling or loop type earrings. A small compact can be taken by the females but no purses.
  5. Belts will be worn, if appropriate.
  6. All riders will wear appropriate apparel.

*If you are not dressed appropriately, you will be sent home.

Rules and Regulations


  1. All persons riding as an observer with a Deputy during tour of duty must execute a 'request for approval to ride in a Douglas County Sheriff unit' which must be approved and signed by a patrol supervisor. This may be done prior to or at the time the person is to ride.
  2. Any rider who is a member of the opposite sex of the participating deputy must be approved by the on-duty Captain.
  3. No person under the age of 18 will be permitted to ride as an observer in a marked unit at any time unless prior approval has been granted by the Chief Deputy or Sheriff.
  4. The number of times an observer may ride will be left in the discretion of the on duty Captain.
  5. Authorized riders are at all times, to conduct themselves with proper decorum. They are to refrain from:
    1. Use of alcoholic beverages prior to or during tours of duty. 
    2. Use of profane or abusive language.
    3. Use of excessive conversation, which may distract the Deputy or interfere with his/her hearing of the radio.
    4. Making remarks or voicing opinions to complainants, witnesses, victims, violators, or suspects in any manner, which would tend to provoke or degrade anyone or escalate tension.
    5. Make known to any unauthorized person, information that may compromise a police operation, procedure, or investigation that is either in progress or proposed.
    6. Making known to unauthorized persons the identity of persons arrested, persons being confined to jail, or suspects in a criminal act.
    7. Using information learned for personal gain.
    8. Wearing on their clothing any article, sign or symbol, that advertises any product. 
  6. Authorized riders are to: 
    1. Remain in the patrol unit during routine traffic stops unless otherwise directed by a Deputy.
    2. Remain in or near the patrol unit during disturbances calls and calls of a serious nature in order to summon assistance by radio if needed, unless otherwise directed by a Deputy.
  7. Non-sworn riders are not empowered to carry weapons, do not have any powers of a Law Enforcement officer, and have no authority except when acting at the direction of the officer.
  8. Authorized riders are to dress neatly and conservatively at all times. Conservative type shoes or boots may be worn, but not barefoot sandals. Hair must be well groomed. Cleanliness is required at all times.
  9. It will be the responsibility of each Deputy to note the personal appearance of each participant when he/she reports to ride. If he/she does not meet the dress and grooming requirements, he/she will be so advised by the Deputy and will not be permitted to ride until he/she has complied with the rules.
  10. Riders should appear at the scheduled time of Roll Call. If the rider arrives after the assigned officer has gone on the street, the rider must schedule the riding period to another date.


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