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Adult zebra mussels have recently been found in Glenn Cunningham Lake and have an expanding population on the Missouri River.  We need your assistance in containing these infestations.  Since your watercraft has been moored in one of these waterbodies this season, it is very likely that it has zebra mussel attached to the hull and/or motor.  This is a major concern, especially when watercrafts (including jet skis) are removed from one of these waterbodies and launched in another.  We do not want watercrafts launched into another waterbody if they have not been Clean, Drained and Dried for at least 5 days or decontaminated (visit Neinvasives.com for more prevention information).  In addition, absolutely no water from one of these waterbodies can leave the area, as it may contain young zebra mussels.  If the watercraft is going directly to storage and there are no plans to launch until next spring, this would allow sufficient time for the zebra mussels to die.  Next spring it is advisable to thoroughly clean the watercraft and have the outboard motor inspected as zebra mussels could become attached in the water pump causing problems.  If you clean and/or drain your watercraft shortly after leaving the marina, do not allow water to run into a storm drain as you may be transferring zebra mussels to another waterbody. 

Watercraft decontaminations are offered by the following businesses for a fee (other businesses may offer these services also):

Omaha Marine Center: (402) 339-9600
Victory Marine: (402) 721-1341
Valley Marine: (402) 359-5926

If you have any questions, contact one of the following Nebraska Game and Parks Commission staff:

Dave Tunink
Assistant Fisheries Division Administrator
(402) 471-5553

Jeff Jackson
Southeast District Fisheries Supervisor
(402) 471-7647

Visit Neinvasives.com for more information on zebra mussel prevention


Thank you for your help in protecting our waterbodies!


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