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Media Relations Policy

Citizens have been receiving phone calls from people identifying themselves as Douglas County Sheriffs or Officers of the Court.  The people involved in this scam are very sophisticated.  They may even have a Douglas County Sheriff’s phone number show up on caller ID.  There are various scripts used, but it always concludes with the victim missing jury duty and saying that a warrant has been issued for their arrest. The perpetrator usually has some personal information that they ask the victim to verify such as address, date of birth, etc.  They usually offer different options to clear up the warrant.   The easiest and most convenient way they offer for you to clear the warrant is to pay a large fine over the phone by use of money order cards or gift cards.  After purchasing the gift cards, they require you to communicate the numbers and codes on the back of the card to verify the cards/monies have been purchased so that the warrant can be cancelled.  As soon as they have the numbers on the back of the card, they have access to the money.

THIS IS A SCAM – No government office WILL REQUEST MONIES over the phone. While it is not unheard of for a government office to contact a person selected for Jury Duty by telephone, we will NEVER ASK FOR MONEY.  If you receive a telephone call from someone claiming to be from our office or the Sheriff’s office asking for money, immediately hang up.   Please contact the Clerk of District Court office at 402-444-7018 or the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 402-444-6636.  We are interested in the details of your call so that we can keep up with and report on this continuing scam.

Media Contact – John Friend 402-444-7658 or Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning at 402-444-6636.


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