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What You Can Do:

  1. Keep doors and ground level windows locked.
  2. Doors should be solid wood or metal.
  3. Install peep hole to identify persons prior to opening door.
  4. Deadbolt locks should have a one-inch throw.
  5. Install heavy four-screw strike plates.
  6. Use longer screws on strike plate and hinges to anchor into door frame studs.
  7. Use track-blockers on sliding doors and windows.
  8. Use windows coverings to obscure vision of home interior.
  9. Use timers on indoor lighting, television, and radio. Vary on times.
  10. Always have exterior lighting on at night.
  11. Landscaping should not provide “hiding spots.”
  12. Be a good neighbor and report suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1.
  13. Stop mail and newspaper when away.
  14. Call (402) 444-6641 and request a “Vacation Watch” of home while out of time.
  15. Prepare a video inventory on all contents of home for insurance purposes.


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