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Douglas County Law Enforcement Center
3601 N. 156th St.
Omaha, NE 68116

Margie Barsoom
Technician, Criminal Investigation Division Support

   Phone: 402-444-4358


Todd Cruise
Deputy, Investigator 

   Phone: 402-444-7765


Mike DeChellis
Deputy, Investigator 

   Phone: 402-444-6225


Mark Dishaw
Deputy, Investigator Computer Crimes

   Phone: 402-575-2127


Kory Gurzick
Deputy, Investigator Special Victims / Polygraph

   Phone: 402-444-6454


John McFarland
Deputy, Investigator Missing Persons

   Phone: 402-444-6225


Chad Miller
Deputy, Investigator Human Trafficking

   Phone: 402-444-7997


Brian O'Malley
Deputy, Investigator Sex Offender Registry / Financial Crimes 

   Phone: 402-444-3272


John Pankonin
Sergeant, Criminal Investigation Division 

   Phone: 402-444-7996


Will Rinn
Lieutenant, Criminal Investigation Division 

   Phone: 402-444-7222


Jen Tinsley
Deputy, Investigator 

   Phone: 402-444-3272



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