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Douglas County Law Enforcement Center
3601 N 156th Street
Omaha, NE 68116

Mary Burmeister
Lieutenant, Administrative Services Bureau 

   Phone: 402-444-7934


David Galvan
Technical Operations Manager

   Phone: 402-444-5932


Annette Johnson
Administrative Services Support

   Phone: 402-444-6683


Rick Koziol
Technical Operations 

   Phone: 402-444-6261


Jon Kramer
Lieutenant, Office of Professional Standards 

   Phone: 402-444-3643


Matt Martin
Lieutenant, Administrative Services Bureau

   Phone: 402-444-7470


Greg Sampson
Sergeant, Employee Development Division 

   Phone: 402-444-6228


Mike Smith
Deputy, Employee Development - Instructor

   Phone: 402-444-3603


Robert Stern
Deputy, Employee Development - Instructor

   Phone: 402-444-6008


Neighborhood Watch/Community Services 


 Phone: 402-444-6173



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    2018 Complaint and Internal Investigation Information

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  • Fri Feb 15 2019
    Services for Deputy Wintle

    Sunday Viewing, Feb 17th @ Heafey Hoffman Dworak and Cutler  7805 W. Center Rd:   Family and friends...

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