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Charles Bingle
Violation of Sex Offender Registration Act

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To enhance our quality of service and professionalism, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office seeks comments and constructive criticism from the citizens we serve regarding the way we perform our law enforcement duties.  We accept all complaints, compliments, and critics.

PDF Version of Citizen Complaint Brochure

PDF Version of Citizen Complaint Form

    If you wish to have the Sheriff Office give special attention to your business or residence, or a have traffic issue that you would like looked into, please click here.

Fill in the form below for comments and concerns other than traffic complaints. 



  • Mon Oct 29 2018
    CrimeStoppers Opioid Reward Fund

    NEWS RELEASE October 29, 2018 Omaha Crimestoppers will hold a news conference to announce a new,...

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  • Fri Aug 03 2018
    Zebra Mussel Alert

    Adult zebra mussels have recently been found in Glenn Cunningham Lake and have an expanding...

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